Enlarge Art & Pics For Printing in New Orleans

Do you have a picture or piece of art that you need printed on canvas 사랑해 당신을 다운로드?


Do you have a small picture or a piece of art that you created and you would like to print on a larger scale? If so BDW can scan your photo or art in and resize it to just about any size needed 다운로드. Even if it is a pixelated picture the canvas material will hide most of the imperfections seeing as how the canvas material is a bit course itself. The canvas base is enhanced with elastic polymers providing high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking 마네퀸.


Canvas Printing & Stretching

Canvas printing and stretching is available in any size you like so that you can customize your image and decorate your office or home. Our custom framing can help you transform any wall in your office or home 구자억. We’ll even come to you and offer suggestions on how to turn your blank wall into a beautiful, inviting area. Our experienced team is dedicated to printing & framing the treasures of your life 솔트 자막 다운로드.


Giclee printing is a three step process:

Step 1 – Scanning
We safely capture your original image with our high resolution digital camera or scanner, accommodating any size, no matter how large 감성사전. Our accuracy record every detail of texture and color.

Step 2 – Giclee Printing
Next, we produce a beautiful giclee, on your choice of glossy or matte canvas 엔터더건전 다운로드. Our professionally trained staff ensures color accuracy of your reproduction. You may order as many or as few as you wish. This method allows you to sell multiples of your artwork, again and again, at a reduced price of the original 아이폰 와이파이로 다운로드.

Step 3 – Custom Framing
After your giclee is produced, take it to our framing department, where we can stretch, mount, matt, shrink wrap and frame it for a finished look 시벨리우스6 다운로드. For a limited time, receive a $30 off gift certificate. As always, we guarantee your satisfaction with every job.


Evaluate Your Image

BDW will be happy to evaluate your image 다운로드. If you send us your image we can let you know if you will get a good result printed and/or we can recommend the largest possible printed size. Of course this will just be an opinion, the final result will be your judgement call. Customers are often amazed at how large they can go because we know how to stretch those pixels for the best possible output. Feel free to ask us any question regarding your image and we will do our very best to to give you our best, professional and honest feedback.